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Frequently Asked Questions
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1: What is a GanzWorld login?
Answer: A GanzWorld login enables our members to access all GanzWorld sites with a single username and password combination.
2: Username and Password Retrieval
Answer: You can reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot password?" link located on the "Login" screen within GanzWorld.
3: I am not receiving my confirmation email
Answer: If you are not receiving your confirmation email, please check your email settings.
4: Peek-A-Newz Inquiries
Answer: If you are not sure how to participate in the Peek-A-Newz contest or have questions about the prizes, please click "see more".
5: Floating Image Events
Answer: If you see a floating image within the Webkinz Newz site, click on it for a special prize!
6: What is the Share Center and how do I use it?
Answer: The Share Center is a place to safely share your favorite pictures online.
7: How much moneyz can I earn?
Answer: You can earn up to 500 moneyz per day, which you can spend in the GanzWorld site.
8: How do I buy items with my moneyz?
Answer: You can purchase items with the moneyz your earn in your Ganzworld account.
9: Questions about "Click to Win" Events
Answer: "Click to Win" Events are advertisements that players can click on to win special prizes.
10: I did not receive the item I purchased with my moneyz
Answer: If you send us an email about the error, we will forward your comments to the Ganzworld technical team.