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If you have any questions or concerns with anything regarding the Ganz eStore, please look through our Frequently Asked Questions below or if you don’t see your question or answer there, click the “Ask a Question” button below, fill out a request email and we will respond as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing additional issues not addressed in the Ganz eStore FAQ’s below, please call the Ganz eStore Support desk at 1-888-818-8770 between the hours of 9am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.


Frequently Asked Questions
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1: How do I cancel my Automatic Renewal?
Answer: To cancel your Automatic Renewal, please log into your Ganz eStore account, click on Order History, go into the membership order, and cancel any upcoming renewals for that membership order.
2: I forgot my password
Answer: You can reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot Password?" link located on the Login page of the Ganz estore.
3: I just purchased a Deluxe Membership and did not receive my eStore points?
Answer: Log into your Webkinz account and check your eStore points balance. If it's not in your Webkinz account, then it's in your Ganz eStore account.
4: I am missing my monthly deluxe gift box
Answer: Log into your Ganz eStore account and check your membership renewal date.
5: How do I transfer eStore Points to a Webkinz account?
Answer: To transfer eStore points, log into your Ganz eStore account and click on "Transfer Points".
6: How do I edit my account information?
Answer: To change your account information, please log into your Ganz eStore account and click on "Edit Account".
7: How do I redeem my Membership Code?
Answer: To redeem your membership code, go to the Deluxe Memberships section and redeem it there. Please be sure to log into your Ganz eStore account first.
8: How do I edit my billing information?
Answer: To change your payment information, click on "Order History" and go into your membership order.
9: My code is not working
Answer: Check your order under the "Order History" section of your Ganz eStore account.
10: I didn’t get my feature code
Answer: If you didn't receive your feature code, click on "Order History" and click on the order number.