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What is a GanzWorld login?
Updated 2012-04-04 20:52:08
In order to offer our users a better online experience as we expand our properties, we’re upgrading all our member accounts to new GanzWorld accounts!

We thought it would be easier for our users to have a single login to access all GanzWorld sites.

As such, we have introduced a new login system to our GanzWorld site that will replace individual Webkinz Newz and Ganz Parent Club accounts. Members who already have active Webkinz Newz accounts will be prompted to use them during the account update process for the GanzWorld login. By doing this, the new GanzWorld account will keep the current Webkinz Newz username and password, and members won't lose their Moneyz balance, comments or any other information tied to their account.

If a member also happens to have an active Ganz Parent Club account, they will be prompted to merge the two accounts for the GanzWorld login.

If a member only has an active Parent Club account, they can use that account for the account update, but they will be prompted to create a new username. This way, the Ganz Parent Club username (email address) will not be their GanzWorld login.

New members trying to create GanzWorld accounts (those who do not have existing Webkinz Newz or Parent Club accounts) need to start from scratch. To create a GanzWorld account, click ‘JOIN’ in the top right of any GanzWorld site and follow the slides for account registration.

If you are a new member who recently signed up for GanzWorld but did not receive your confirmation email, please return to our FAQ's and click on "I am not receiving my email confirmation" to read more about that issue.