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I am missing my monthly deluxe gift box
Updated 2012-04-11 19:55:15
Your first monthly giftbox and installment of monthly eStore points will be sent to you immediately after your purchase. Thereafter, you will receive your monthly giftbox and eStore points on the first or second of every month for each month that you are a deluxe member.  For example, if you purchase a three month deluxe membership upgrade on January 22 you will receive your first installment of points and deluxe gift box on the same day. Your next installment will come on February first or second and your last installment will be on the first or second of March. Even though your membership doesn't expire until the 22nd of April, you will not receive another monthly gift box or installment of eStore points as you will have already received three installments - one for each month that you purchase.

If you have purchased a deluxe membership and subscribe to automatic renewal, you will receive your first installment of bonuses for your next membership term once the renewal process occurs. This could take up to 2 business days. So in the above example, the first three bonus installments will remain the same. The next three bonus installments will begin after you have successfully renewed your membership.