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How do I buy items with my moneyz?
Updated 2012-12-19 21:36:22
With the moneyz you earn in your Ganzworld account, you can buy items available for various games.

You can check what items are available by:

1) Log into your Ganzworld account

2) On the top right hand side beside the value of moneyz, click on the button or the moneyz icon

3) Scroll through the list of items but be sure to check which games these items belong to

4) Click on the “more” button to view the item in more detail (seen on the left side)

5) Click on the button in the details section

6) A window will pop up to prompt you for your username and password for the respective game the item is for

7) Confirm your purchase and a message will indicate where you can find your item within the game