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Frequently Asked Questions
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1: What is Amazing World and where can I play?
Answer: Amazing World is a new 3D game featuring cuddly Zings. Make new friends, decorate your house, and dress up your Zing! Explore, help out, and have fun!
2: I have forgotten the Password to my account
Answer: If you have forgotten the password for your Amazing World account, click on "Forgot your Username or Password?" from the login page and follow the on screen instructions.
3: How do I become a Member?
Answer: You can become a member by clicking on the "Become a Member" button within the game. You will then be taken to the Ganz eStore and prompted to select your membership options.
4: I am having trouble installing Amazing World
Answer: If you are having difficulty downloading and installing Amazing World, please ensure that you do not have any antivirus software preventing the installation of programs on your computer. If you are still having difficulty, please try re-downloading the Amazing World game client from the homepage.
5: I Did Not Get My Confirmation Email
Answer: If you have not received your Amazing World account creation confirmation email, try checking your Junk/Spam folder or signing up using an email from one of the free web based email providers: Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail.
6: How Do I register a Zing code?
Answer: While playing Amazing World, click on the "Open Journal" icon. Once your Journal is open, click on the "Register a Zing" tab. Type in your Secret Code in the space provided.
7: How Do I Chat in Amazing World?
Answer: You can chat in Amazing World using the chat bar located at the bottom left of the game screen. Please note that a parent or guardian must allow chat privileges through the confirmation email before chat will be enabled.
8: My Zing Code is Not Working
Answer: If your Zing code is not working, please double check that you are entering the correct 15 character code for your Zing. Please ensure that you are entering the security code exactly as it is shown within the picture field.
9: I'm having loading issues within Amazing World
Answer: If you are having loading issues on the browser version of Amazing World, try uninstalling and reinstalling Unity Player as well as clearing your temporary internet files.
10: What are the Recommended System Requirements for Amazing World?
Answer: Please click "see more" for the full list of system requirements we suggest to use in order to play Amazing World.