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If you have any questions or concerns with anything regarding Zoey’s Design Academy, please look through our Frequently Asked Questions below or if you don’t see your question or answer there, click the “Ask a Question” button below, fill out a request email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions
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1: Why Can’t I Use a Specific Style, Pattern or Color?
Answer: Some designing materials require you to reach a higher level before they can be accessed. Other items may not be available if all of that item as already been used and the inventory needs to be replenished.
2: Can I Send Clothes to Friends?
Answer: You can send all of your designs to friends on your Friends List at Zoey’s Design Academy.
3: What is the Fashion Show?
Answer: The Fashion Show is the area of the site where you get the opportunity to showcase your new designs.
4: How Often Can I Enter a Fashion Show?
Answer: Each player can only make a single entry in the current Fashion Show and each shows runs for 20 hours.
5: Can I Change My Character’s Name?
Answer: Once a character name has been assigned, there is no way to change it.
6: What is Zoey’s Design Studio and Where Can I Play?
Answer: Zoey’s Design Academy is a free site where you can learn how to become a fashion designer by designing your own clothes and share your stylish looks with all your friends on the runway!
7: What are Style Points and How Do I Get Them?
Answer: Style Points are the reward points achieved through design creation and fashion show participation.
8: What are Coins and How Do I Get Them?
Answer: Coins are the currency used in the Design Academy to purchase clothing materials and can be earned by playing on the site.
9: How Do I Interact with Other Players?
Answer: The “Friends” area of the site allows you to add your friends by searching for their Zoey’s Design Academy World Name. Once they have accepted your friend request, you can help each other out by sending your own designs to each other.
10: What are eStore Points and How Do I Get Them?
Answer: eStore Points are another currency used in Zoey’s Design Academy, to buy special items that cannot be purchased with Coins.